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MassBit is a blockchain infrastructure company, building products that allow layer 1 and layer 2 to work together quicker and easier, while still remaining cost-effective. In doing so, we begin to solve the scalability and interoperability issues that hold back a true transition to Web3. Everything that MassBit creates solves individual issues within the Web3 landscape, while also combining together to create powerful development tools that accelerate products, from the design phase, all the way to market.

For more information, please visit https://massbit.io/

Warena is a cross-chain DeFi game that allows you to live your dream adventure. Players have a variety of games and activities to play and experience, with tokenized resources. Warena empowers players, revolutionizing the way we game, set in a thrilling post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where humans, zombies, cyborgs, monsters and other mythical creatures fight for earth's last remaining resources. Warena is an all immersive experience where players have the ultimate freedom to explore, trade, upgrade, socialize and compete, all at their own pace.

For more information, please visit https://www.warena.io
Genesis Builders

Genesis Builders is here to support brand growth with customers via emerging technologies, marketing strategy, and beyond. We aim to empower our clients, to make success the norm, to rise above outdated limitations in order to achieve long term business success that can evolve and prosper through any type of market condition. Genesis Builders has a diverse portfolio of projects and experts that have gained traction by utilizing GB’s services, with specialized action plans tailored to each specific client and project.

For more information, please visit https://www.thegb.xyz/